Saturday, December 31, 2005

Emerging Question #1

Over the coming days I'm going to try and ask some very focused questions of the emerging movement. Please don't take these as an attack or anything - I am just trying to get my hands around the Emerging Movement and understand it as accurately as possible. There is much in the EM which I am very attracted to. But there are some things that concern me. SO... I'm trying to ask questions to better understand where the EM is coming from and where it's going. Maybe you can help enlighten me...

Q1 - Is the Emerging Movement really just a synonym for "Postmodern Christian"?

As I study the EM, I see a wide range of actual beliefs, combined with a reticence to be evaluated on the basis of those beliefs ("judge us by our praxis!"). Is the movement really so broad that the content of what one believes doesn't matter? Would it be possible for someone to be a postmodern Christian and NOT be considered emerging by EM types?

If McLaren can be in the EM camp, can someone like me (postmodern, reformed Calvinist) also be in the camp? If so, who's left outside the camp?


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