Monday, December 26, 2005

Scot McKnight on a Generous Orthodoxy

Once again, another summary of links (this one mine) for research purposes, this time as Scot McKnight talks about a Generous Orthodoxy (interacting loosely w/ Brian McLaren here).
  • Generous (evangelical) Orthodoxy: Preamble - "the generous orthodoxy that is being called for is an evangelical generosity and orthodoxy. It is a generous evangelical orthodoxy."
  • Generous (evangelical) Orthodoxy: Kingdom - "The place to begin in mapping a generous orthodoxy is the Kingdom of God as the vision Jesus gave to us for God’s redemptive work on this earth."
  • Generous (evangelical) Orthodoxy: Jesus - "Is there a possibility for a Fourth Way for the Emerging Church? A way that lives in the story of the entire Church, including the Eastern Orthodox tradition and the Western Roman Catholic tradition, as well as the Protestant tradition, one that both lets this be our story and yet that gives us freedom to take that story into a new story for a new day? I think so."
  • Generous (evangelical) Orthodoxy: Community - " The community focus of generous orthodoxy begins with a vibrant non-Puritanism. ... Any community that roots itself in Jesus’ Kingdom missional focus will find the Puritan way unacceptable."
  • Generous (evangelical) Orthodoxy: Credal - "That Church has expressed itself always, everywhere, and by all (antiquity, ubiquity, consensus) in creedal shapes. ... the singular most arrogant posture a Christian can take is to pretend (and that is what it is) that he or she can “start all over again” and do so by ignoring the creeds and the voice of the Spirit in the Church."
  • Generous (evangelical) Orthodoxy: catholic - "we all ought to be catholic Christians in that we accept everyone who is a Christian. I like the idea of a C.S. Lewis sense of the holy catholic Church."
  • Generous (evangelical) Orthodoxy: Eschaton and Back -"This post will be the most radical I will present on generous (evangelical) orthodoxy. ... What I am suggesting is that a genuine fourth way in the emerging movement must shift its focus from the means, which is the seemingly constant focus of most presentations of both Christian life and Church life, to the eschaton, and think back. Everything has to be re-shaped in light of that End."
  • Generous (evangelical) Orthodoxy: Cultural - "Orthodoxy has tended to see itself as timeless, transcultural, and always relevant. Postmodernity has chased that idea down and suggested otherwise."
  • Generous (evangelical) Orthodoxy: Conversational - " A genuine generous orthodoxy is conversational in style and in relationships. Conversation transcends everything we are and do. If we define “conversation” properly, it moves beyond “chatting” to become central to who we are and what we are about."
  • Generous (evangelical) Orthodoxy: Trust the Spirit - "a fourth way will truly get underway when Christians can genuinely trust the Spirit in others as much as they trust the Spirit in themselves"
Then this on Brian McLaren's concept of Purple Theology:


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