Monday, April 03, 2006

Adrian Warnock Interviews Mark Driscoll

Good insight into where Mark Driscoll is coming from, and (most interestingly), how he sees stratification in the emerging church movement:
I see various teams flying under the banner of emerging:
  • Relevants: theologically conservative, culturally innovative church forms.
  • Reformed Relevants: theologically conservative and reformed, culturally innovative church forms.
  • Reconstructionists: theologically conservative, reinventing church forms.
  • Revisionists: theologically liberal, reinventing church forms.
I have no problem with the evangelical Relevants (e.g. Dan Kimball, Chris Seay, Rob Bell, Erwin McManus). I have respect for, but some concerns with, the house church Reconstructionists. I consider myself a Reformed Relevant. And, the Emergent crowd is Revisionist, which I have strong concerns about regarding such things as gender roles, original sin, substitionary atonement, homosexuality, authority of Scripture, hell, etc.
You can read the whole thing here...
(HT: JT)


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