Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gospel Coalition Statement of Faith

Wow. Now this is a really good statement of faith, put out by the Gospel Coalition. If you only have time to read a little, jump to the end and read pps 7-12 to see how they apply their understanding of the gospel (but it really is worth reading the whole thing). Anyone know who's behind this? (Answer: Tim Keller and D. A. Carson, among others).

What I like about this is that it combines the theological (what we believe) with the contextual (how we see this applying in ministry). And I think that connection is extremely important - because the gospel is ultimately more than just our theology; it's also a function of how we use apply that theology to a given context, and incorporate that theology as part of our identity.

True theology can still be false religion if I am attempting to use it as the basis for my identity.

Addendum #1 - Reformed News has a description of what this thing is here.

Addendum #2 - notes from Tim Keller's talk at the conference.

Addendum #3 - notes from Sandy Wilson's talk

HT: Reformed News.


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