Saturday, July 14, 2007

Mohler on Roman Catholicism

Rather than respond to the comments on the last post on Catholicism, I'll let Al Mohler do my talking for me: (HT: Justin Taylor)
It all comes down to this -- the claim of the Roman Catholic Church to the primacy of the Bishop of Rome and the Pope as the universal monarch of the church is the defining issue. Roman Catholics and Evangelicals should together recognize the importance of that claim. We should together realize and admit that this is an issue worthy of division. The Roman Catholic Church is willing to go so far as to assert that any church that denies the papacy is no true church. Evangelicals should be equally candid in asserting that any church defined by the claims of the papacy is no true church. This is not a theological game for children, it is the honest recognition of the importance of the question.

The Reformers and their heirs put their lives on the line in order to stake this claim. In this era of confusion and theological laxity we often forget that this was one of the defining issues of the Reformation itself. Both the Reformers and the Roman Catholic Church staked their claim to be the true church -- and both revealed their most essential convictions in making their argument. As Martin Luther and John Calvin both made clear, the first mark of the true Church is the ministry of the Word -- the preaching of the Gospel. The Reformers indicted the Roman Catholic Church for failing to exhibit this mark, and thus failing to be a true Church. The Catholic church returned the favor, defining the church in terms of the papacy and magisterial authority. Those claims have not changed.
Well said, methinks.


At 6:37 PM, Blogger pilgrim said...

Methinks too.

The pope has every right to speak for RCism, according to their set up--so let's not be shocked when he makes statements defending it--but let's be careful how we respond--to do it bibilically and get to the real issues--we don't have minor disagreements, we have ones worth debating and defending


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