Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Brian McLaren and Boldness

Tim Challies heard Brian McLaren speak the other day, and he wasn't all that impressed. Why not? Lack of boldness:
Throughout the evening, boldness was absent. The faith of the emergents, the postmodern faith, is a faith that is devoid of boldness before God. It is timid, angry, tentative, questioning. It is not a faith of assurance and boldness. It emphasizes the unknowability of God more than what God has revealed to us about Himself. The faith McLaren commends is a faith that always questions, always doubts. It seems that the only faith McLaren hates is the faith of a person who knows what he believes and is convicted by Scripture and by plain reason that what God has revealed is truth--true truth. As others have observed, the real enemy of the Emerging Church is conservative, biblical Protestantism. McLaren will commend anything or anybody, it seems, except those who have a faith built upon the truths revealed in the New Testament epistles.

The whole post is well worth reading. And it pertains to the question I asked back in December - where is the EM unashamedly bold? Probably helpful to place this in the context of Mark Driscoll's understanding of the EM stratification...


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